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High Density Polyethylene EcoBailers

Polyethylene EcoBailers use the same desgn as our popular PVC Ecobailers, and feature a thicker tube wall than competing models. As a result, Polyethylene EcoBailers are less likely to bend when handled. Bent bailers will oscillate when traveling down the well column and sink more slowly.


Reusable Weight System

Polyethylene Disposable EcoBailers are the only bailer with an optional weight system, giving you a weighting option at an un-weighted price.


VOC Tips

VOC Tips, also known as Slow Empty devices, reduce water flow from the bailer to minimize agitation, thereby allowing a more accurate measurement of VOCs.

VOC tips are available for all 1.5" and 0.7" EcoBailers.



  • easier threading
  • smooth well entry and exit
  • longer bottoms that prevent silt entry and leakage
  • easy pour tops to facilitate the sampling process




Product Number Description
per unit
per case
ECOPROPE—151 1.5" x 1' Polyethylene EcoBailer Pro Bailer
347 ml
ECOPROPE—153 1.5" x 3' Polyethylene EcoBailer Pro Bailer
1027 ml
ECOPROPEWT—151 1.5" x 1' Polyethylene Weighted EcoBailer Pro Bailer
345 ml
ECOPROPEWT—153 1.5" x 3' Polyethylene Weighted EcoBailer Pro Bailer
1025 ml